Were you injured because your landlord failed to keep a property in good repair?

When a tenant is injured on the premises of their rental, it doesn't automatically follow that the landlord is liable for the injuries, but in certain circumstances they are! A landlord is responsible for injuries caused by the landlord's failure to use reasonable care when the injuries suffered by the tenant were foreseeable by the landlord.

If you were injured because a landlord failed to keep the property in good repair you may be entitled to compensation.

Sometimes landlords skimp on maintenance, in order to save money.

  • Steps and Rialings

  • Injury Caused By Fire

  • Slips and Falls Due to Poor Maintenance

In other instances, you may be entitled to compensation if you were the victim of a crime that your landlord could have reasonably foreseen and prevented. If a landlord's lax security allowed someone to enter your home and attack you or your family you may be entitled to compensation. Examples include landlords who fail or refuse to fix locks or broken gates, landlords who allow criminals to operate on the property, and landlords who fail to provide proper security to the property.

If you have been injured in your rental home and you believe your landlord could have prevented it, contact me today for a free consultation! Your landlord may be liable for your injury as well as your attorney's fees.


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